The Suncoast Foundation for Handicapped Children was founded to support local non-profits that provide services for people with disabilities.

The Suncoast Foundation has constructed over 75,000 sq ft of buildings in the Sarasota, Venice, and North Port area. These facilities are occupied by eight local non-profit agencies.

Non-profit agencies which occupy these buildings include The Haven, The Sertoma Speech Clinic, The Florida Center, Loveland Village, Children First, Challenger Baseball and Sarasota County Special Olympics. They experience significant savings which allow service and program monies to remain untouched and directed to clients who need it the most. Program and services provided by these non-profit agencies annually impacts approximately 5,000 children, teens and adults with special needs and their families.

Our mission is made possible by the commitment of local volunteers who share their time,
talents and energy to implement, manage and sustain the organization.

Major Events That Contribute To Us

Our Occupants


Key Services Provided

-Early Head Start Education (Infants & Toddlers)
-Head Start Education (3-5 Years Old)
-Family Advocacy & Family Strengthening Services
-Families First Institue Classes (Career Readiness for Women, Nurturing Dads Class, English as a Second Language Class, Positive Solutions for Families, & Calendar-Based Budgeting)
Approx # of Clients Served Annually

Key Services Provided

-Sports Training & Competition
-Motor Activity Training
-Unified Sports & School-Based Programs
-Young Athletes (ages 2-7)
-Athlete Leadership
Healthy Athletes
Approx # of Clients Served Annually

Key Services Provided

-Developmental Therapies (Speech & Occupational)
-Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health Therapies
-Early Education (6 weeks - 5 years)
-Early Childhood Training Institute
-Early Childhood Court
-Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Clinic
-Healthy Families (Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect)
Approx # of Clients Served Annually

Key Services Provided

-Residential Services
-Employment Services
-Haven Industries & Adult Day Training
-Selby Preschool & Haven Academy High School
-Academic & Career Readiness
-Adventure Summer Camp
Approx # of Clients Served Annually
loveland center

Key Services Provided

-Adult Day Training
-Supported Employment
-Community & In-Home Supports
-Loveland In Out Neighborhood Initiative
-Hearty Kitchen Academy
Approx # of Clients Served Annually

Key Services Provided

-Speech and Language therapy provided to children living in Venice Englewood and North Port
-Diagnosed with articulation impairments, Apraxia, Phonological Processing impairment or autism spectrum disorder
-Therapy provided by ASHA Certified and Florida Licensed speech-language pathologists
Approx # of Clients Served Annualy

Providing Facilities For

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